Between 2012 and 2015, Garnet Hertz interviewed Phoebe Sengers, Natalie Jeremijenko, Matt Ratto, Alexander Galloway, and me about the notion and practice of critical making. He transcribed each conversation, wrote an introduction, and published the project as a book with Marilouise and Arthur Kroker’s CTheory.

That book is Conversations in Critical Making, and below I link to it in PDF and HTML formats (both of which are open access). I also point to a video of Hertz’s interview with me and a related keynote I gave in 2015 on “Executable Culture, Arguments with Objects.” I’ve included Hertz’s brief description of the book, too.

Book cover for Conversations in Critical Making, edited by Garnet Hertz, with two hands holding a computing device packaged in a white plastic box

Interview about Critical Making
Published in Conversations in Critical Making (Hertz, ed.) in 2015 | Blueshift Series | CTheory Books | thirteen pages | open access

Links: book (PDF; HTML, too); video (YouTube) of the interview; talk (HTML) at Waterloo with slides (HTML)

Against the current of disposable technology and estranged digital devices, critical making brings together individuals working at the intersection of critical thinking and hands-on practice. What follows are a series of interviews with leading theorists and practitioners of critical making. Discussions range from the political implications of critical making to creative reflections on the place of technology in culture and society.

First image, of a glitched NES game, care of Nina Belojevic. Second image, from the cover of Conversations in Critical Making, care of Garnet Hertz and CTheory. Both used with permission. This page was created on 22 August 2019 and last updated on 21 June 2021.