Keywords and Notes for 508

Jentery Sayers
UVic English
“Paper Computers”

Below are some rough notes for reference throughout the term. They are not intended for citation or quotation. (Please pardon any typos.) I’ve organized them into eight sections:

Paper Computing

What is “paper computing?” It:

Game Speak

Many of these working definitions are drawn from Board Game Geek.

Design Speak

Theory Speak

Tech Speak


Here are some types of prototypes that overlap with the work of media history, literary history, and textual criticism:

Ways to speculate about history through prototyping (this adapts work by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby as well as Stuart Candy to think about the past and not just futures in speculative design):

Prototyping may be considered a form of textual criticism that:

Prototyping asks how texts address us like (or as) images (see WJT Mitchell). That is, how:

How do artists’ books, manifestos, and zines inform tabletop design? Some possible lines of inquiry:

How to integrate ludic algorithms (see Nowviskie) and critical play (see Flanagan) into game design:

Some tips for prototyping tabletop games in this seminar:

For the source material for these tips, see Design Speak above.

Some resources for prototyping tabletop games:

List of Games

Some games mentioned in the 508 materials (not recommendations; just a list):

List of Readings

We read the following works this term: