University of Victoria
Jentery Sayers
Spring 2015


Log 2: Thought Piece

During seminar on January 27th, you'll conduct a workshop where you circulate your preliminary ideas for the argument you want to make with a computer. You will also give feedback on other people's ideas.

In your thought piece, please include the following:

Please note: for the purposes of this course, I don't recommend creating digital resources or even prototypes for those resources. You don't have the time to make a resource and write an essay about it. Instead, you might want to stick to approaches that would allow you to embed or integrate new media and computation into the essay form. Put differently, consider building upon existing projects and resources. Also, here's some more advice (take it or leave it):

Please remember that this is just a thought piece. For now I am simply prompting you to consider what you might want to do in this seminar, why, and how. Things will change, especially as we review projects, conduct workshops, and continue with our discussions during the balance of the semester. All that said, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns, especially if you're looking for examples. I'm certainly happy to point you in some possible directions, with references to projects and publications that might inform your decisions.