University of Victoria
Jentery Sayers
Spring 2015


Git and GitHub

Early in this seminar we will start using Git and GitHub. Git is version control software, and it will allow each of you to document and share changes to your work via a repository (or "repo") throughout the semester. Think of Git as a way of locally tracking the changes you make to a directory (or folder) of files and GitHub as a way of distributing those files and changes. GitHub is also a social network, but you won't be using that feature this semester unless you want to.

So let's get started. (Of note, a chunk of what's below is based on and inspired by Lauren Orsini's excellent introduction.)

That's it for now! You can of course do much, much more with Git and GitHub, but during the first few weeks of seminar we'll keep it simple. Get in touch with any questions or concerns.